The Game Layer (inspired)

image from Storify

Are we heading into a world where everything is turned into gaming?  

Points for brushing your teeth?  For watching certain TV shows?  

Is gamification the next big revolution after social networking?  I think so, although I doubt we can completely predict exactly what this will mean in 10, 20, or 30 years from now.  Some of it may be easy to imagine (and perhaps scary), yet I suspect there will be unforeseeable dynamics and serendipity.

If you find the idea of gamification interesting, check out these two videos.  

Jesse Schell, DICE 2010: When Games Invade Real Life (full video here)

Seth Priebatsch, TED 2010:  Building the Game Layer on Top of the World

What do you think?

Microsoft has an entire research division devoted to this as well as a non-profit partner created with MIT (Education Arcade) to explore gaming implications for teaching and learning.

How will gamification change us?  Will it change how we feel about life?