A Green NYC? (inspired)

What if we were forced to quickly adapt to new energy sources, new food sources, etc.  What's possible?  How quickly would we adapt?  How might we rethink the urban landscape?

What if people started digging up concrete and planting food/herbs?

image from SphereTrending
image from thefreefarm.blogspot.com

What if "green became the new graffiti?"  


Urban Farming is real.  Action towards sustainability in Hunts Point, Bronx, is real.

Green roofs are real.  This is Chicago's city hall.

I think it's going to spread (in spite of maintenance and liability hurdles).

image from WorldChanging.com
image from the Green Roof article.
image from sierraclubgreenhome.com

Solar energy?  There are entire towns running on solar and wind.

image from BBC
What about algae?  Photobioreactors are coming.

image from BIOS blog

Imagine bio-fuel growing all around us.

images from EcoFriend.com

New ways of thinking about sustainability are here.

image from Tuvie