(photos) City Breathing

I often find myself exploring different corners of New York City.  Some of these personal photos are from places in the city that I'm writing about.  Some are just places.  Moments.  

"Escuchela..la ciudad respirando."

They flew a kite while waiting for a hurricane.  Riverside Park, Harlem.
"Uptown Girl Power" mural reads: 'Live Better.  You don't have to leave your community."  Hunts Point, Bronx.
Exhausted parents watch their rainbow.
Sometimes clearer in reflection.  Brooklyn Heights.

Man walking around the Harlem Meer, Central Park
We are nature.
Underground scene.  South Bronx.
Main Street, Queens, USA

Skaters under the Unisphere. Flushing Meadows, Queens.
Alexander Hamilton.  Hamilton Heights (Harlem)
Man with swagger, Edgecomb Ave.  Sugar Hill, Harlem.
Mountcliff Arch, Central Park
Beautiful twins waiting for hurricane.  Riverside Park, Harlem.
The People's Garden. Morningside Heights
Main Street, Queens.

So much magic and mystery. Notice the police tape... the little playground... and Yeshiva Univ HS in the distance. That beam of light...
This man loves his work.  Inwood.
Inwood Hill Park, where eagles soar. Henry Hudson Bridge in the distance, where the Hudson and Harlem rivers meet.
Queens Botanical. Tower on Dahlia & Main in the distance.
From the ash dumps came The Tent of Tomorrow.
Main Street, USA
Montague romance.  Brooklyn Heights.

Washington Square Park
Gourmet Gluten
South Bronx
Brownsville.  What if this were all green?


Photos taken with ProHDR and Pano apps for the iPhone.  All rights reserved on these photos by Jude Hollins.