The Last Flash Mob

"Flash Mobs" is Dead (RIP)

The Gothamist recently reported what is widely understood as the last flash mob. Observers initially thought they witnessed expressionist planking, but they misunderstood the historic weight of the moment. Then and there, the art form called The Flash Mob curated its own transcendence

No more flash.
No more mob.
Just  irony, cameras, and ambient orchestration...

The stench of death filled the Met. Now we must mourn the definition of Flash Mob

Will you remember the youthful innocence of the Flash Mob? Will you keep her in your heart?

Anyways, it's really too bad the tuba players didn't get through museum security! Let's all pray that the Met won't press charges for criminal mischief against the last known mobbers.

A post-mod resurrection of the Flash Mob will require a live webcam of Zombie Warhol eating breakfast cereal at the Gracie Mansion dining table for 30 days in a row. Mad wicked artsy!

Until then, may our dear definition rest in peace.They killed it.